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About Us



Broadbottom Pre-School was established in 1971 by a group of parents and has been operating continuously ever since.  Children come to the group from Broadbottom, Mottram, Charlesworth and further afield!

All About Us!

Children are welcome from 2 years-old to school age. We are registered for 20 children per session and we are based in Broadbottom Community Centre on Lower Market Street in Broadbottom.

Broadbottom Pre-School is a high quality, fun and stimulating learning environment for all children.  The qualified and experienced staff team are dedicated to supporting children to develop the independence, skills and knowledge required for starting primary school.

Broadbottom Pre-School is a safe and caring setting committed to offering a child centred approach and recognising all children are unique.  We actively encourage parents and carers to play an integral part of their child’s learning and ensure a joined up approach across home and Pre-school learning.



Broadbottom Pre-School aims to:

  • Offer a friendly and caring environment where children can learn to interact with other children and new adults.
  • Encourage children to experience a wide range of social activities such as sand and water play, play-dough, painting, stories, gluing, singing, etc.
  • Encourage imaginative play through creative role play.
  • Promote co-ordination and physical skills through daily outdoor provision.
  • Encourage social skills and positive behaviour.
  • Prepare children for school by promoting their independence and self- confidence.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Broadbottom Pre-School follows The Early Years Foundation Stage. This is the statutory framework that sets out the standards we must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept safe and healthy. We work towards learning and development requirements called the Early Learning Goals focusing primarily on;

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development Development

We also offer opportunities throughout the setting for Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

We believe that children learn and develop through play. We therefore offer a broad range of activities within the setting, including; small world play, role play, sand and water, small and large construction, mark-making, puzzles and games, large physical equipment (such as bikes, rockers, slides, stilts, balance beams, etc), open ended resources for imaginative play (boxes, crates, fabric, tubes, etc), malleable materials, creative and construction. In addition, we offer focused activities which are adult-led which include Phonics, Circle Time, Story-time and Singing.

Daily Routine.

Activities will vary but the pattern of the session is fairly constant. Our experience tells us that children feel more secure and comfortable if they know what to expect. The stable framework to the day is reassuring to children and allows them to play and learn with increasing confidence. The daily routine is generally as follows;

Time Activity


Children Arrive & Welcome – We welcome children at the door and encourage them to hang up their coats on their named peg and wash their hands.  There is also a chance for parents to have a chat with Pre-School staff.


Free Play/Continuous Provision– Children are free to choose from a wide range of activities.  We use a small enclosed outdoor play area during this part of the sessions which children have continuous access to.


Focus time – Children and adults tidy the areas and sit together to share a story and songs. We also take the register.


Hand-washing & Hygiene, Snack – Milk and water and a variety of snacks are offered, with the emphasis on healthy eating, oral health and exercise.


Outdoors/Physical play – including activities to encourage large motor skills, balance and co-ordination.  We will either use the large secure outdoor area at the front of the building for this part of the session or we take the children out into the local area to explore. We also offer adult-led physical sessions such as dance/yoga.


Songs and Rhymes, Musical instruments – this is a time for children to learn to focus on an adult led activity in preparation for school.


Parents and Carers arrive – A chance for parents to have a chat with Pre-School staff.
12.00 – 1.30 Lunchtime- Children bring a packed lunch and sit together to eat making lunchtime a social occasion with conversations about the day and healthy eating etc.

Meet the Team

The ratio of adults to children is very high to ensure that children receive individual attention and care when needed. The actual number takes into consideration the number of and age of the children in the session. There are usually four members of staff present and upto 20 children.

There is always a Supervisor on site;

The Manager, Donna Lynch, holds Early Years Professional Status with 20 years experience in the Early Years sector.  Both of Donna’s children have attended Pre-school and loved it!  Donna enjoys messy play, crafts and storytime.

Mandy is the Deputy, and she holds an NVQ L3 and has been at Preschool since 2007.  Both of Mandy’s children attended Pre-school before she started working with us and are now grown up.  Mandy enjoys going out on walks, watching the children flourish and she especially loves seeing how confident and independent they are when they start school.

Clare is Level 3 qualified and has worked in Early Years for 10 years and has 2 children of her own.  Clare enjoys going out on walks, baking and phonics.

Jade is hoping to be working towards her Level 3 qualification very soon and has worked in Early Years for 12 years.  Jade enjoys crafts and storytime and likes to play what time is it Mr Wolf!

Amy is Level 3 qualified and is working towards her Degree in Early Years Education.

All members of staff are qualified to NVQ  level 3 (or equivalent) or are working towards their qualification.  Staff regularly attend training to support their professional development and to keep abreast of new legislation and areas of teaching and learning.